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The Homebrew Macshop Singapore, offers a place for Mac users to buy and sell used Apple products and related products. We try to offer the best deals in the used Mac market. Why not buy used from us ? It's safe, it's easy, fast, friendly and you'll save a lot of money ! Check out our current inventory for a Mac that fits your price and performance needs. And make sure to bookmark us. Prices and stock change daily !

We provide Macs to clients who don’t need one of Apple’s latest offerings - just a Mac that’s fast, modern, reliable and affordable.All the Macs we offer have Intel processors, and are fully refurbished. This includes a brand new hard drive with the latest operating system preinstalled, as well as a comprehensive three month warranty.

Why sell us your Mac?
  • You’re considering buying a brand new Mac
  • You’ve got a spare Mac just lying around
  • Your Mac is broken and the repairs are uneconomical
  • You’d just like the cash!

Whatever the reason, we would be delighted to rehome your old Mac. We’ll always offer you a fair price, whether you’re buying or selling.

Don't see what you want or need?

Give us a call if you have any questions about our services, parts availability or pricing.

We have re-located for used macs at Blk 1 Marine Terrace S440001, for repairs @ Sim Lim Square via appointment only we do not do walk-ins.

Do make an appointment, sms or call 8742 1246 as we might be out on onsite service or delivery. Thank you !

We deal with Used & New Apple and Macintosh computers and peripherals. Apple Monitors, Macintosh Computers. Apple peripherals. After market Apple and Macintosh compatible equipment.

Visit us often for your used Macintosh computers and used Apple monitors. We're here to serve the used Mac equipment market.

All products reconditioned, used or refurblished unless otherwise specified.

Who We Are: The HomeBrew MacShop is made up of people just like yourself. While the company founders were searching for a better way to get service and to buy Mac products, they created The HomeBrew MacShop. We believe that we have found a better way to buy, upgrade, repair and maintain your Mac. The HomeBrew MacShop customers "Beat The System" by purchasing products that have been refurbished, are recently discontinued by the manufacturer or are available in large volumes and therefore discounted. We have assembled a staff that is as passionate about the Mac as they are about providing exceptional service and values to our customers.







All Sales & Service Enquiries

8 7 4 2 1 2 4 6

Upgrading ? Selling your old system ? Need cash fast ? Need to sell your mac systems fast, give us a call for a friendly quote at 8742 1246

Contact us by email at:

email us for enquiries on buying or selling your mac

Give us a call if you need help on your mac !

Mac System Repairs, Services, System Software problems

On-Site Charges
$120 first hour, $60 thereafter.
Repair & Service Inspection Service
Onsite 1st Hour $120 thereafter every hour $80

Call 8 7 4 2 1 2 4 6

We shipped to the following countries Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Mauritius, and many more countries in Asia.

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